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Type | Interactive thriller for PlayStation 4

Role | Creative Director

For | Dino Games Ltd.


Without Memory is an interactive thriller that takes place in three parallel worlds, and the player's choices made in one universe affect the events happening in the other two.


The main gameplay is divided into several categories:


  • Making decisions. You will have to make hard decisions which will affect the development of the plot.


  • Character's condition. You have to keep an eye on the character's physical fitness and sanity level


  • Action-scenes. When the character has to carry out a number of dynamic actions in a short period of time, Quick Time Events system is activated in action scenes.


  • Interaction with the objects on the level. While performing tasks and solving puzzles, you will see a specific white geometrical figure above the objects.


The game takes place in the near future in the three parallel universes. One world is dystopian with highly developed technology and prosperous consumer society, the second is post-apocalyptic, and the third one is ours.


The story starts in the dystopian world, where the protagonist Leo Evans works in the police force. Like everyone, he puts his absolute trust in the authorities and his life is filled with nothing but carefree relaxation.


Once, while coming back home from work, Leo, to his great surprise, discovers Peacekeepers, secret service agents who are arresting his wife Emily on suspicion of abetting a terrorist organization Insiders.


As he experiences severe stress, his soul migrates inexplicably and Leo gets into a parallel reality.


Without Memory had been created by a small but passionate team, inspired by Quantic Dream project.


During the development we used the most advanced technologies (at least for the time of 2015-2017), including but not limited to:


  • Performance Capture 

  • Characters 3D-scanning 

  • 4K-textures

  • Blendshapes facial animation 

  • illumination Enlighten

  • Nvidia Apex

  • PBR Shaders 

  • Subsurface Scattering

  • Preintegrated Skin Shader 

Note: Without Memory is a trademark and intellectual property of Dino Games Ltd. ( All rights reserved. ©

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