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Type | Prototype of cooperative fast-paced strategy with “non-zero-sum”

Role | Game Designer & Scripter

For | Myself


Greed, Wolf & Farm is a concept of casual cooperative fast-paced strategy with “non-zero-sum”.


Earth is contaminated with radioactive wastes, its forests have been cut down, and most of the animals have gone extinct or mutated... But there is still a place for true Farmers, ready for anything for the sake of the last plots of land!


The goal of the participants is to score the required number of points in the allotted time. Players jointly manage a common field – they add their Sheeps (which bring them resources) to it and put the Watchmen to protect them from the Wolves. The capacity of the field is limited and when it is exceeded, then the income of resources decreases, still everyone has the temptation to add more of their Sheeps.


So even though players can not trust each other, they will have to act together to win – do not exceed the limit, add Watchmen, build defenses and overcome their Greed…

Note: This is small and rough prototype which I’ve made under three weeks, just to test my weird idea of non-zero-sum game. It’s NOT a complete game, as well as even not a demonstrational level. It’s just a simple project made for fun and fast playtest. :)

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