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Type | Interactive motion comic about Mages

Role | Game Designer & Writer

For | Dino Games Ltd.


Gnosis: The Hidden Lore is an episodic game in an animated comic style, narrating the confrontation between mages existing in secret in our world.


The game is presented in an unusual format, the main mechanics of which are close to the interactive movie genre, where all key actions and events are displayed in the form of animated inserts of comics, like a storyboard for a film. The game process assumes the existence of several modes that are made to diversify the gameplay from simply watching comics.


In addition to choosing answers in dialogues, a player will have to play various mini-games, solve puzzles for performing magic rituals, create spells using the Quick Time Events system, predict future events by reading Tarot cards correctly and interact with the environment in real time within the point-and-click genre.


The story begins in London, where, in secret for ordinary people, the communities of the Enlightened have existed for many centuries: those who are capable to change the reality by using the power of their mind, those who have comprehend the hidden lore – Gnosis.


However, the power of mages on Earth has been far from limitless ever since they created the mighty mystical servants Archons in order to resist the dark deity Demiurge, who according to beliefs created the material. For unknown reasons, the Archons betrayed their creators and turned against them, destroying all the supernatural in our world.


There are two protagonists in the game: Arthur Gate – a faithful defender of the magical community, and John Smith – a mage who lost his memory and wakes up at Heathrow Airport with a lot of enchanted items and a strange note.


Their story is closely connected with the search for a powerful artifact – the Divine Key, which, according to a legend, can break the boundaries between the spiritual and the material world, letting people cast off their physical shells and be Reborn as Gods.

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