Type | Concept of puzzle-solving horror game for VR, in the spirit of the film “Saw”

Role | Game Designer

For | Outsourced game design for VR quest


The main character finds himself confined in a mysterious room which is full of a great many things and a timer clock that is counting down from 118 minutes.


One of the walls is replaced with bulletproof glass, behind which there is a bound girl. An obscure voice informs that she will die if the main character does not solve the puzzle and get out of the room within the allotted time.


While solving the complicated puzzle, the hero is talking to the stranger girl through a headset and tries to calm her down. During the dialogue, they tell each other innermost stories from their past, share their plans for the future, talk about their leisure pursuits, and little by little the protagonist is getting emotionally attached to the girl.


However, as he is thoroughly examining the objects and getting closer to the solution, the protagonist finds scary clues and realizes that the girl behind the glass is not what she pretends to be… What will he do when time runs out?


The main gameplay is based on the exploration of the game location, on multi-optional interaction with objects in order to solve the puzzle as well as on making decisions while communicating with other characters using a headset.


Mainly the game takes place in a big closed room which the main character is trying to escape from while having limited time. It can be done by solving the puzzle. In the room, there are a lot of things which the player can use in many different ways. For example, a simple sheet of paper can be torn by hand, burnt with a lighter, lit with a UV torch or shade with a pencil.


During the whole game, the main character uses a headset to communicate with a stranger girl behind the glass.


The situation gets even more acute due to the timer which rushes the gamer into acting faster. The main character’s watch always displays the time with the countdown